23 FEBRUARY, 2017

10 tips that save us time in the kitchen

Kitchen is our life! It is a room where the most important events of the day take place – information, food and joy is shared.
These tips will save us time, at it is so precious nowadays, and make room to improve our effectiveness.

Read recipe thoroughly

Give half a moment’s time to thoroughly read the recipe. This will prevent any unnecessary chopping etc.

Butter measuring tools

Apply some butter in the measuring spoons you are about to use, so that ingredients like honey or syrup won’t stick.

Peels in bowl

Free cutting board from vegetable and fruit peel and yourself from extra steps to the trash bin by throwing them in a bowl. Discard all of them together in the end.

Stop peeling

You can always choose not to peel carrots, potatoes, zucchini, since their nutritional ingredients are all gathered in their flesh. Wash them very well before using.

Grate garlic, don’t blend it

Garlic is used in recipes mostly for its aroma – when recipe calls for mashing, choose to grate it and avoid using another appliance.

Melt butter fast

Not in microwave, but in a well-sealing kitchen bag sank in a bowl with hot water.

Blanch vegetables with boiling pasta

When preparing pasta with vegetables recipe, save time by blanching them a few minutes before pasta boiling is over, right in the same pot. Drain them all together and save time.

Green leafy vegetables in colander

If you want to use spinach, rocket, etc in your pasta, put them in colander and drain pasta over them. Hot boiled water will wilt them immediately.

Boil water faster

If you need to boil water in a pot, put its lid on. Water will reach boiling point much faster.

Quick vegetable soup

Grate vegetables and avoid cutting them in large chunks. This will make them cook way much faster. You can then blend them.

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