Cookies for Santa Claus

The night that Santa Claus brings fits is approaching. Depending on his schedule he will be coming by our homes on Christmas or New Year’s and will fill our stockings with chocolates, treats and other colorful goodies, wrapped in impressive wrapping paper.

We will have made sure that underneath our tree there will be plenty of space for him to place his presents – how many times on a given night does young and old alike sneak a peak at the Christmas tree to make sure that Santa didn’t drop by without us noticing?

The truth is that even at festive dinners (Christmas or New Year’s), while the delicious Juicy Pork Roll with prunes and juniper berries or the stuffed turkey are being served, even when we have finished our main courses and have moved onto chocolate souffle, strawberry cheesecake or the cutting of the vasilopita, one thought remains in the back of our minds: the presents!

Santa Claus is well aware of this and will do everything in his power to give us this joy and see the look of surprise in our eye, no matter how old we are. He also knows who of us embraces and multiplies the spirit of Christmas – joy, sharing, giving and of unconditional love.

We will offer him, with lots of love, the freshest, yummiest and most delicious cookies we have, with a glass of milk and a note, that he may find when he visits our home to drop off his presents.

Welcome Santa Claus – see you next year!

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