Horio’s Christmas recipes

Christmas is approaching and some of us cannot wait to argue and debate over what they feel is the best time of year. Lights are flickering, and so are our hearts, they will argue. We don’t disagree, because our argument is that every season of the year is special and unique – especially since each season has its own traditional sweets and recipes, delicacies for our festive table.

Speaking of our table… this season it is set with vibrant tablecloth, just like our smiles, and as for our silverware, they shine extra bright because of the love and happiness in the air, adding to the Christmas candles’ light. Even though, every day at Horio is a celebration, because every day we make sure to have a plate of food brimming at the edges with fresh ingredients, tradition and caring and light from all parts of our land.

Because our sleeves are rolled, preparing desserts and meals for Christmas, we are lending you our recipe notebook with all of our Christmas recipes, so you and your family can enjoy them.

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