Our lasting love of Graviera cheese

If we wanted to discuss the history of cheese we would require a lot of time and paper – thankfully though, the flavor of graviera is so familiar, and the story in our country so great, that we will self-appoint ourselves as specialists regarding our beloved graviera.

In our country we have wonderful fauna and approximately 6,000 species of herbs, which means that every in every area of our land, the sheep digest different combinations of food and thus produce different milk and as a result, different, diverse flavors of cheese.

We will enjoy 100% of graviera, when considering that for the production of graviera, nature applies a unique procedure and each producer implements different techniques dependent upon where he or she resides. Greece is number one in cheese consumption in the world, with 23 kilos per person annually. Our favorite graviera is amongst these cheeses, and the most popular yellow cheese in our nation.

Graviera’s story begins way back in the history of Greece. Ancient Greeks would even add cheese production recipes to their tragedies and comedies. The famous Mistras received his name from Mizithra, and in the daily lives on the great ancient cities of Athens and Sparta, cheese was a constant.

Every graviera has its own flavor, depending on the fauna of the area from which it is produced and the maturation period. Horio created a series of graviera with a variety of maturation times with a place of origin in Episkopiko in Ioannina. So, we have Sweet Graviera that matures for at least 5 months and has a mild and sweet flavor. Going further in time we meet Graviera Mature, which has been matured for at least 7 months, with a slightly spicy taste and finally, we reach the end, Graviera Long Maturation, with 12 months maturation period that has a full, spicy flavor.

In order to better taste the flavor and maturation of graviera, here are some mouthwatering recipes that will only be elevated by Horio Graviera.

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