Guests of Elias Mamalakis

If Elias Mamalakis decided to host a dinner just for us, we would go prepared – without having eaten anything for at least one day, since we would be sure that no matter what he prepared, that yumminess would spill out of our plates and the oven. It would be impossible to resist the juicy delicacies, colorful hors d’oeuvres and magical, fresh produce used by our favorite chef.

Because we know that the biggest and best parties are prepared on top of tablecloths and can only be considered 100% successful when the chairs are occupied by loved and smiling people, we decided to prepare a menu from Elias Mamalakis’ personal cookbook. From start to finish, hors d’oeuvres, main course, salad and dessert, come at the suggestion of our favorite chef. Our party, meaning our dining table, will surely be happy and is guaranteed to be tastier, because the food will be cooked with love and care for good friends!

The recipes follow and most of them are based on cheese, of course! Horio Light White Cheese for less fat and full flavor, melted graviera, fresh salad, lamb stuffed with Horio Mediterranean herb-infused white cheese , all of which will be loved by all. The only comment we can make about the desserts is that first of all, we’ll be serving two, and second of all, they are unsuperable points of enjoyment. Syrup-soaked walnut pie, sauteed apple with caramel sauce – who can say no?

So the only thing that we need to think about it is… the table’s decoration theme. A Sunday, relaxed theme? An evening of celebration? Of even better, for no reason, just because friends want to gather and spend time together?

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