Pizza recipes from Horio

Us Greeks are hearty eaters. One could say that we enjoy food the way that our ancestors did, who first thought of the concept of pizza. Indeed, in Ancient Greece bread was covered in olive oil, herbs and cheese. All that was missing was the baking, which is something that modern-day Italians have become experts in and thus, the globally famous pizza was born.

Pizza is one of the most beloved and irresistible meals at home, in restaurants, bachelor pads and any group or family gathering; with white or yellow cheese, combined with graviera, feta and other yellow cheeses, red or white sauce, potatoes, tomatoes, onion, bacon, olives, the dough can host any ingredient your heart – or appettite – desires and fill your days and nights with enjoyment and happiness.

What else is food other than joy? Every moment is accompanied by a delicacy or a meal, in fact, many Greek family moments are connected to the dining table. For the young, the dining table could be the living room’s little table, where pizza boxes are hastily flung open and the slices of pizza separate from the rest of the pie, leaving strings of melted, rich cheese behind, as well as, all over the ones’ hands.

The enjoyment of a home cooked meal though, with the pure ingredients and host’s love, cannot compare to anything else. That’s why we at Horio make our own pizzas’, laying out the ingredients, artfully grating the graviera cheese and savoring each bite topped with feta cheese.

With feta cheese, graviera, fresh butter, sunny side up eggs and spinach, even with sandwich bread, Horio’s menu has a pizza recipe for all needs and desires.
We roll out the pizza dough, turn on the oven, put plenty of ingredients and bon appetit!

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