Recipes with Horio Graviera Cheese

It was from the age of Zeus, who while being hunted by his father Chronos ended up at the shores of Crete and sought refuge on the island’s hillsides, kept alive by the goat Amaltheia – it was then that our beloved yellow cheese, Graviera, was born.

After feta cheese, graviera is the most famous, traditional and loved cheese in our country. It has conquered the title P.D.O. and naturally, a mythical flavor, since the time when Rhea protected her son, Zeus, from his father.

Perhaps we do not all have an Amaltheia in our backyard or a grandmother who produced milk from her own livestock, but we have our country’s wonderful flora – specifically, the one in Epirus. The animals grow while feeding on the unique holly, thyme, herbs of Greece and give their milk superior taste, which as a result, makes the cheese superior in taste and quality as well – and in our case, that cheese is Graviera cheese!

Graviera that has been cooked, cubed, in the form of saganaki or with honey, paired with wine, or graviera with fruit – the variety of options never ends.

Horio, aware of its consumers’ demands for high quality as far as taste is concerned and because graviera is a product with excellent quality, created a new series of graviera products with varying degrees of maturation, so you can enjoy dishes full of pleasure.

Horio Sweet Graviera matures for at least 5 months and can accompany the sweetest dishes. We can pair this graviera with honey, fruit or caramelized onions and chicken. As the maturation period grows longer, we come across Horio Mature Graviera, a graviera variety that matures for 7 months for a spicier and fuller taste. Perhaps we can pour a glass of wine so that we can enjoy it, or maybe make some homemade saganaki?

In search of more maturity? You won’t find a more mature graviera than Horio Graviera Long Maturation! Following a full year of maturation, 12 whole months, in Epirus, while settled on shelves with minimal light, this graviera patiently waits to be ready to accompany the most demanding moments and elevate them.

Whichever you choose, Horio Graviera will surely make any pasta dish that much tastier. Spaghetti, tagliatelle, penne, rigatoni – any pasta will redefine its standard for taste.


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