New Year’s Eve celebration at Horio

A year has past since we last calculated the number of people who will be seated at our New Year’s dining table, from the moment that we counted backwards to the moment that the New Year comes and the moment that we hit zero, we loudly wished for happiness and health for the coming year.

The most amazing moment, the moment that the year changes, and the song «Auld Lang Syne» plays and moves us. But wait a minute, we’re not quite there yet, we have to prepare the table first.

Turkey. The most famous main course of the holidays, which gives the chef a bit of a difficult time given how long it takes to cook. Our stuffing, prepared by Elias Mamalakis, has minced meat, pinenuts, butter, olive oil, chestnuts, rice, raisins – and much more. We can’t wait for it and we will accompany it with honey-glazed oven potatoes.

We are so looking forward to this year’s turkey that we – nearly – forgot appetizers. Cheese souffle, garlic mushrooms with butter, baked potatoes stuffed with Horio white cheese infused with Mediterranean herbs, or even a Pumpkin Soup with butter, will be just right so that we can get read for the main course.

Desserts – without them no meal can actually be balanced. Queen of the night is Vasilopita, with whom suspense heightens and behind which all the hopes for the near year hide. Who will win the New Year’s coin? We wish everyone luck regardless and at the same time, serve chocolate and chestnut truffles, crepes stuffed with cookies, bananas and jam and skaltsounia with honey and walnuts.

Who asked for melomakarono or kourabie? Why don’t you come over here?

Bon appetite, have a great day and Happy New Year, with health for all!

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