Sitting on the terrace

Summer! A time when we pay tribute to terraces, balconies gardens and any kind of unplanned or even organized gatherings of friends with a sunset back drop.

No matter how we go about it, the weekday and weekend afternoons are much more interesting as the weather clears and with it our spirits soar. We pick up the phone, invite two or three friends to enjoy a cool lemonade on the balcony, accompanied by homemade cakes; we put some Beer Bread with Feta or Graviera and pizzas in a pan so that they are ready when our guests arrive.

Horio has collected the recipes that will elevate the best summer evenings with a simple buffet that includes salads, savory snacks, mezedes, pizzas, as well as, delicious desserts so that the atmosphere can get even sweeter.

Let’s not delay, we select our recipes, uncork a wine bottle, put on some music and give a burst of flavor to our evenings.

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