Recipes with Light White Cheese

When we think of cheese, our mind automatically goes to the all-white, salty, alltime favorite, feta cheese, the most famous white cheese of the Mediterranean, as well as, the entire world.

OK, so far so good, but what if we want to enjoy the flavor of the white cheese, without increasing our calorie intake at the same time? Whether we’re dieting or just used to a low-calorie diet, Horio Light White Cheese is here to give the solution, repaying us for our choice with full flavor and only 12% fat. And anyway, who could deny a quality cheese that has won International Quality Taste Awards?

Horio Light White Cheese comes to use from Episkopiko, Ioannina in Epirus, where it is produced. It is the ideal solutino for a diet and cooking with low fat ingredients while maintaining the high quality flavor. In any recipe that we use feta cheese, we can opt to use Horio Light White Cheese.

We can actually start using it immediately since we have the recipes ready. Two delicious salads for any time of the day, the classic, all-time favorite and famous omellet – kayiannas – and the traditional briam with vegetables – all of which can be combined with Horio Light White Cheese and are a great match due to its unique and authentic flavor. Enjoy them

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