Chocolate Recipes

Cold or hot, white, dark, milk, with fruit or with nuts… no matter how it is, regardless of the combination of flavors, we love chocolate.

Since childhood, when chocolate was promised in exchange for being quiet or for doing a chore, until adulthood, this one-of-a-kind treat accompanies every moment – day or night – giving us sweetness, marking events and demanding that we share this joy with those around us.

Family gatherings, dinner tables, festivities, every time that we all get together, we are always reminded to “leave room for dessert.” And, usually, this dessert contains chocolate or is made entirely of chocolate.

We needn’t wait for gatherings with friends or look a celebration for an excuse to enjoy a chocolatey dessert. We can try recipes with chocolate cake, desserts, sweets, chocolate truffles, and find the one that best suits us and make our favorite one.

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