Recipes with Horio Butter

During the holiday season, Horio’s kitchen in on fire! Platters, dishes, and pans go in and out of the oven, hands protected by kitchen mits carry and churn pots containing the most flavorful and fragrant of meals, spoons dive into the concoctions, grab flavors and slowly return to the surface so that the home chef can run a taste test.

How many times do we visit peoples’ homes and smile as the door opens? We smile because we are happy, but we also smile because of the scents. Oh favorite butter, all the sweetness and joy connected to you. Butter in gramma’s kitchen, as she baked cookies, apple pie, biscuits and as she mixed in the ingredients and stirred. Each time adding butter, and thus changing the batter – as if something magical was taking place.

Butter accompanies our sweetest memories- from childhood to adulthood – it is timeless and noone cares to explain what is so magical about butter, just that it gives added value to anything with which it is mixed!

The word ‘butter’ in it of itself says it all. Fairy-tale bakeries in every corner of Greece, with baskets full of goodies on its shelves, the fragrance of freshness suspended in the air, looking over the window displays, entering into paper bags; The paper bags’ sounds as they crumple are almost a holy sound that awaken the senses and announces pleasure.

Either way butter portrends a period of delight and festivity. Melted butter, Soft Butter, light – when the kitchen smells of butter, one thing’s for sure: there is joy in the household, optimism and enthusiasm. Butter is magical. Let us add some magic into our lives!

We turn the pages in Horio’s recipe notebook and dust off the cinnamon adorning the pages from previous kitchen adventures and offer delicious sweet and savory recipes with all of Horio’s butters

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