Christmas Desserts by Elias Mamalakis

The title says it all. Desserts, Christmas, Elias Mamalakis. Red tablecloths, colorful checkered red and green, mistletoe, pine cones, lights, music, a fireplace, laughter, joy, optimism, all come together around a dining room table and at the end of the day, the decor is not that important, as long as the table has been set with love.

Because we love dessert and we love tradition, as well as, Elias Mamalakis, his desserts will decorate our table during the holiday season. Their deliciousness will be as great as our love.

Whatever is made with care and sweetness is a guaranteed success, even more so when it was inspired by our favorite chef and the recipe relates to the desserts of our land. Desserts that we have come to love, as well as, more modern takes on otherwise classic recipes.

Cheesecake, for example, is not a traditional dessert, but it has become a favorite and needs no introductions. Elias Mamalakis though makes sure that we are introduced to it once more, but with a different take.

Surely, we all have a story to tell about the first time we tried the Traditional Galatopita. In the beginning we thought to ourselves, nah, galaktoboureko is certainly better – a thought that vanished as soon as our fork cut through the juicy, fluffy, fragrant galatopita. If someone has yet to enjoy a slice of syrup-drenched galatopita, with crunchy phyllo dough, while drinking a cup of coffee, or after dinner, or at any time of the day really, they are missing out on a real treat.

What about Lemonpie? We all know the english version, but are we aware of the traditional Greek recipe that will entice us? Probably best not be sure of anything relating to the kitchen! It is an area that has much room for adventures, trial and incredible imagination (and gastronomical pleasure of course!)

Sweet crepes with cookies, bananas and jam. Reading the recipe condemns one to a specific train of thought, every time we see the word «cookies.» ‘Cookies filled with chocolate’ -> crumbled -> crepe batter -> filling with crumbled cookies. And bananas. And in the end, the jam. And more crumbled cookies.

While these lines were written it was decided that the gift we’ll be taking as guests to people’s homes (and dinner tables) will be made with our own two little hands, blessed by Elias Mamalakis and loved by all.

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