The Christmas Dining Table

With Christmas right around the corner, our anxiety about preparing delicious traditional desserts and meal has been transported into the kitchen, with the cooks of the house giving 100% for the most extravagant table of the year. The Christmas dining table.

The pots, pans and every type of kitchen utensil are masterfully handled, butter packages are opened for the traditional Christmas desserts, feta and graviera cheeses unleashed for the savory dishes, and the scents of freshly-baked pies, tarts and baked chocolate, honey and cinnamon spread through every room of the house, taking over the entire neighborhood. The neighborhood flooded by the smells of joy and the happy sounds of children and adults paint a holiday picture.

We place candle sticks on our table, on top of our finest linens, and then add polished dinnerware, glasses that add cheer to the room by reflecting the tree’s Christmas lights and serve the appetizers, main coursesa dn desserts that are sure to make everyone happy.

Sit, open a bottle of wine, Elias Mamalakis’s appetizers are arriving: Potatoes au gratin, vegetable tart, fried cheese pies and a rich mushroom salad.

Traditionally we serve pork dishes during Christmas dinner and luckily we have many recipes to choose from! What shall we pick? Juicy pork roll with prunes and juniper berries, Pork with Celery or Spinach, or perhaps we could go another way and prepare Pork Chops finished with beer or Colorful Pork Souvlaki with cherry tomatoes and prosciutto.

Needless to say, the best part of Christmas dining experience is the dessert! We suggest the following delicious desserts, so you can choose whichever your heart (or stomach) desires. Certainly, Chocolate Souffle and Strawberry Cheesecake by Elias Mamalakis are on the menu…

Traditional sweet, kourabiedes, melomakarona, baklavas must be located at an accessible place inside the house!

Have a great preparation for the most wonderful table of the year!

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