Top 3 Recipes with Feta Horio!

It resides in our childhood memories. Crumbled feta cheese beckoning us from the glass salad bowl, infused with the flavor of olive oil and accompanied by colorful capers and olives. Feta cooked in aluminum foil, in taverna’s tin plates, amidst the ouzo glasses and blue orange juice and the scent of a summer breeze. Grease stained notebooks of recipes lying open on the countertop, out of our reach, white pieces of cheese in a savory pie enveloped by homemade phyllo dough, sliced and carefully placed in gramma’s floral tupperware.

Return to the present, when the wounds on our knees from that bicycle accident have since heeled and our childhood memories are pleasant station in the journey of life. No matter how much we have grown, certain flavors will always have the power to inspire. Authentic flavors such as feta that require just a little bit of imagination, are incorporated into our recipes and of course, our kitchen table – recipes that are easy, quick and their main ingredient is our favorite cheese!

Seeking to multiply the chances we have to include feta cheese in our daily diety, we have created many original recipes and have selected the three best recipes with feta! Those recipes that require little effort and time and that can be enjoyed at all times of day, in any given occasion.

So, we enter the kitchen kingdom in order to prepare pizza straight from the Greek village, with olives, peppers and feta, enriched with oregano and basil, and two more recipes that have been vouched for by none other than our favorite chef, Elias Mamalakis: fried cheese pies, with sweet and sour sauce and poppy seeds, and spicy pie with ham and feta, kept together by a crispy phyllo dough crust. All of these recipes with the seal of flavor and quality approval from Feta Horio!


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