Recipes featuring Horio Butter

Butter. It is always in our life and it is quite likely that we were introduced to it at a very young age, when a simple slice of bread was elevated to new culinary heights by spreading some rich, fresh, soft butter. Or when grandma prepared her sweets and estimating how much Corfu Type butter to use just by looking at it.

At breakfast, the color of the marmalade mixing in with that of the butter, or when combined with honey creating the most representative color of the joy of enjoying such a delicacy. Butter can also be spread on a slice of toasted bread, once again working its magic, changing the bread’s color, making it a little bit more bright, crunchy and tasty. If for breakfast we enjoy eggs or pancakes, it is butter that will melt on top of the pancakes and prepare the pan for the egg to dive in.

Butter doesn’t finish at breakfast. It goes everywhere, in the boiling water before the pasta enters or in the frying pan where we will brown the pasta so that it can be infused with more aromas and so that we can achieve the standing of a good chef. Butter accompanies every moment of the day and is in all kinds of recipes, sweet and savory, providing extra flavor and aroma.

Horio Butter, then, is appropriate for all sweet recipes: pies, tarts, traditional Greek desserts, such as kourabiedes, galaktoboureko, but also in savory recipes: pork with spinach, orzo, potatoes au gratin.. and so many more that you can find here.

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