20 SEPTEMBER, 2013

Dealing with a hangover

Many times we stay up late because of a celebration or some festivity and consume large quantities of alcohol. Especially when this festivity includes many good friends, or is in honor of something very important to us. The best of these gatherings are at big village festivals, or local fairs, where wine flows abundantly and mezedes are shared amongst insatiable guests!

The next day, when the alcohol consumption is somewhat large, we experience the symptoms of a hangover. We’ve all probably experienced a hangover at least once in our life, each of experiencing varying degrees of discomfort and pain.
The symptoms the next day range from stomach problems (gastritis, nausea, diarrhea), unbearable headaches, unpleasant taste in our mouths, thirst, intense discomfort, and even sensitivity to light and vomiting.

All this occurs because the human body does not easily metabolize alcohol, especially the female body. Lest not worry though, because at the latest in 48 hours the symptoms will have disappeared, especially if we help our body by doing the following:

  • The intense headache and stomach disturbances will subside and even disappear with a good meal. The next day, lets opt to consumer carbohydrates, that help deal with gastrointestinal disorders. Carbohydrates are present in pasta, potatoes, rice, bread, rusk and legumes.
  • Because of the alcohol, our body is dehydrated. So, it is suggested that we consume a lot of water, as well as, plenty of freshly squeezed juices and vegetables, in order to replenish the percetnage of liquids in our body.
  • Much has been said about coffee, but in the case of combatting hangovers, it is best not have an additional cup of coffee, since it has diuretic properties and will worsen our stomach’s situation.

When consuming all the above, hangover symptoms will subside and we will feel beter in the process. If we can also combine it with some resting, we will feel better even sooner. After all, the ultimate goal is to have fun – enjoy alcohol in moderation, and always be healthy!

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