27 JANUARY, 2016

Fresh from the village: Onions

Onions can be found as an ingredient in so many recipes, adding a spice flavor and offering many pros to our health!

A basic Mediterranean and Greek diet ingredient, onions have their place in our kitchen space reserved, starring in many dishes we daily prepare.

They can be chopped and thrown in pots for stews, or finely chopped to be added in a quick and easy potato salad with tomatoes and feta cheese. This vegetable will definitely give an extra note to any dish we are about to make.

Let’s find out about onions!

Fresh from the garden

Onions can be found all year round. They are more fresh in spring.

Nutritional value

  • Proteins
  • Vitamin C
  • Fiber
  • Folic acid
  • Calcium
  • Iron

How are they good for us

  • Help digestion
  • Protect immune system
  • Help to reduce blood pressure
  • Have detoxifying action
  • Protect bones
  • Protect skin


When chopping onions, keep tears away by throwing some water on your hands, up until your elbow.

Fast meal with onions

Read how to make perfect caramelized onions and enjoy atop a grilled slice of bread with some graviera cheese.

Recipes with onions

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