12 SEPTEMBER, 2013

The health benefits of cinnamon

The smell of cinnamon! Doesn’t it bring all the beloved and warm images to mind, the ones attached to yiayia’s (greek for ‘grandmother’) kitchen! She would spend hours in her kingdom, crafting all these magical sweets and liquids, while the scent of cinnamon would hover like an irresistible spell. Surely yiayia knew of cinnamon’s beneficial properties, which is why she used it in all her recipes, both savory and sweet.

Cinnamon sticks are placed in a vase as decoration, or on a shelf for their aroma, they are also used in artistic activities – our favorite cinnamon is found in all sorts of sweets, drinks and is widespread; in traditional greek rice pudding, apple pie, spice mixtures, drink, cinnamon-based liquors and even sprinkled on our coffee!

Scientific studies have confirmed that cinnamon has medicinal properties due to the essential oils contained in the bard of the plant.

Aside from being one of our favorite flavors, a pleasant scent and having medicinal properties, cinnamon is also rich in nutrients. Cinnamon’s main component is cinnamaldehyde; This ingredient acts on the placelets and helps prevents blood clots.

Simultaneously, cinnamaldehyde has also been connected with anti-inflamatory properties, as well as, providing antimicrobial protection, since it prevents the development of unwanted bacteria and fungi.

So, our yiayia, as well as any experienced cook, knows what she’s doing when she puts cinnamon on food, even raw meat, and when she sneaks us cinnamon candy. If only we had a slice of freshly made apple pie from her kitchen, with plenty of cinnamon…

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