23 MARCH, 2013

Horio Gourmet: The Award-Winning White Cheese

Horio Gourmet White Cheese, the fine white cheese, made with goat’s milk, is infused with peppers, oregano and thyme during its maturation process, in order to bring us the fullest and most familiar aromas to our plate.

Its unique flavor could not go by unnoticed from cheese-lovers, since in 2012 it received at award from the International Taste & Quality Institute (iTQi), an independent, international organization, which highlights and promotes the best flavors in food and beverages around the world.

The International Taste & Quality Institute is the first independent organization that relies on great Chefs and Sommeliers in order to judge and award the competing food and beverages on a global reach. The judges are members of the most prestigious and recognized chef and sommeliers clubs worldwide.

Horio Gourmet White Cheese, with its particular character and personality, managed to win two stars at The Superior Taste Award. This is a unique recognition of quality, especially since it was chosen through a blind taste test.

And that’s why we choose to have a famous white cheese on our plate, Horio Gourmet White Cheese!

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