23 APRIL, 2013

Horio means responsibility and good food

The goal of everyone here at Horio is to offer good food for the modern person. Guided by the values of safety, quality, authenticity, purity and sustainabilty and with the driving force being to provide the Greek consumer with familiar flavors, we make sure to produce products that meet modern-day nutritional needs, all the while, keeping our basic principles intact. Food that is basic and familiar to every Greek man and woman, quality food that truly nourishes, giving strength to our body and soul.  

Responsibility and respect for the final consumer: Horio means good food

  • Pure and quality raw materials that are selected according to strict specifications and that subject to continuous quality control
  • Maintaining the nutritional value of raw materials, especially that of milk, by transporting the materials to the production site in the quickest and safest way
  • Usage of the HACCP system, a quality assurance system for our products
  • Recipes made with love, passion and respect for tradition

Responsibility and respect for Greek nature and Greek producers: Horio means support of the Greek countryside

  • Sustainable development, the production of olive oil that respects and follows the standards of sustainable production (olive cultivation with mild processes that do not burden further the environment, limited use of pesticides, smaller carbon footprint, full exploitation of by-products, optimal water usage, etc)
  • Organic production – respects the balance of the ecosystem, emphasizing the preservation of the natural flora and fauna of every ecosystem (production that adheres to nature’s rythm, products that develop in a natural way, hormone-free, without synthetic fertilizers, vitamins and antibiotics)
  • Respect of the endemic biodiversity
  • Emphasis on endemic and award-winning olive varieties, such as the famous Koroneiki, that grows only in Greece and in specific places at that
  • Focus on sheep and goat products as authentic products of Greek countryside
  • Support and respect of Greek producers, farmers and ranchers

Responsibility and respect to the environment: Horio means products that to not harm the environment

  • Transport of the main production site to Schimatari, Viotia, which contributed significantly to the pollution reduction in Attiki, given that the plant now operates in an industrial area, faw away from residential areas
  • Reduction of bottle weight, thus reducing the waste from bottle production
  • Factory that has special areas for wastewater treatment in the context of Waste Management so that waste is managed in a way that is friendlier to the environment and is recyclable.
  • Energy reduction during production in the factory
  • Recycling of all recyclable material
  • Exploitation of by-products (for example, for the manufacturing of soap, waxes, paints and fertilizers)
  • Use of cardboards that have recyclable parts, thus being environmentally friendly
  • Replacement of PVC plastic bottles with PET bottles, which decompose faster than other plastic items and can be recycled.

Responsibility and respect of Greek tradition: Horio means inspiration from Greek villages

  • Respect of the biodiversity of the food in Greek nature – a wide variety of herbs that constitute the food of our animals
  • Simple materials and traditional recipes inspired by the Greek village
  • Reinforcement of the Greek Food Traditions as an integral part of Greek culture and its spreading around the world via exports

Responsibility and respect of our people: Horio means a work environment that inspires and protects

  • Continuous safety measures, provision of equipment and compliance with all health and safety regulationf or our employees
  • First Aid training to all of our employees and on-site Occupational Physicians, close to every employee
  • Provision of systematic training seminars, on and off site, because the only road to the development and enhancement of employee skills is education.

Responsibility and respect of the Greek economy: Horio means development

  • Business in Viotia, thus contributing to the country’s regional development by employing local workforce
  • Development of olive oil exports, towards Balkan countries, as well as, the rest of the world, which contributes greatly to the Greek economy
  • Development program that created new jobs, thus giving opportunities to many young people
  • Continuous growth and expansion of the Horio product line, which contributes to healthy domestic competition and strengthens the image of Greek products abroad.

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