11 NOVEMBER, 2013

Horio by MINERVA – a link in the chain of solidarity of AB Vassilopoulos’s 52 Weeks

Horio by MINERVA remains true to its commitment and vision for solidarity and caring of the consumer, as well as, all socially vulnerable groups and in this spirit, participates in an actions that is steadily spreading to every corner of Greece.

With great joy Horio participates in the actions of chainstore AB Vassilopoulos ‘52 Weeks – 52 Actions of Care’ that aims to support our fellowmen in need, on a nationwide level.

By purchasing Horio products with the special «solidarity products» signs from the shelves of any AB Vassilopoulo store, they offer a portion of the proceeds for charitable purposes and become a part of the chain of solidarity.

Each week the action is located in a different area of Greece, thus increasing the chain of giving, as well as, the joy and hope of all who participate!

Let’s see which Horio products are part of the “solidarity products” that give joy from the second they are placed in a consumer’s shopping cart:


Olive Oil:


Minerva is the only food company participating and enhancing this action, which is spearheaded by the supermarket chain store AB Vassilopoulos. This makes us especially happy – it is incredibly enriching to know that we are one of the links on the chain of solidarity and that we can help bring joy and smiles to our fellow man.

Thank you to our consumers who are supporting this action, AB Vassilopoulos for taking this initiative and to and every one of you, personally, who make sure that the solidarity chain grows on a daily basis.

We give joy to every corner of Greece!

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