20 MARCH, 2015

How to make feta or graviera saganaki (fried cheese snack)

One of the most endeared mezes (snacks) to Greeks everywhere lands on tables everywhere, steaming, sizzling hot, accompanied by a slice of lemon, making all diners’ mouths water.

The saganaki cheese crust is divine. What was once a simple rectangle, takes form. Here at Horio, we have the best method for creating a wonderful saganaki, using either feta or graviera cheese; as well as, many recipes that go well with a large group of friends dining together.

Ingredients we will need:


  1. Slice Feta or Graviera cheese into 1-1.5 cm thick slices (otherwise, it will melt in the pan).
  2. We wet the cheese with water and then flour them. The flour will give a golden crust when it fries.
  3. In a small pan, we place some olive oil and allow it to heat. As soon as it is hot, we place a slice of cheese and fry for a little until both sides get a golden color.
  4. We remove with a spatula and place on a piece of kitchen paper in order to absorb the excess olive oil, serve immediately, so that it may be hot, squeezing lemon at the very end.

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