18 SEPTEMBER, 2015

How to make perfect béchamel

There are so many recipes requiring the making of béchamel, but still you are not quite sure how to make it. Don’t worry – Horio has the perfect, simple and easy béchamel recipe that will complete your kitchen adventures.

Pastitsio, mousaka, cheese pies, tarts – béchamel fits perfectly well everywhere, according to chef’s creative talent. Some recipes may ask for a lighter cream, others use more grated cheese: crepes, all kind of pastry, savory croissants. You will find béchamel everywhere!

Depending on the taste you wish to achieve, use ratio of cheese (grated feta and/or graviera cheese) accordingly (step 1 below).

Get ready for the tastier béchamel you’ve ever made!

What you will need

  • Blender
  • Pot



  1. In a bowl, lightly blend Horio cow butter, flour, eggs and salt and pepper (and grated graviera cheese, if you so wish).
  2. Put milk in a pot and let it get warm.
  3. Before milk starts rising, add blended ingredients and mix fast, removing the pot from heat.

Recipes that use béchamel


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