18 SEPTEMBER, 2013

A good diet is the ultimate ally when quitting smoking

You may belong to that category of individuals who repeatedly tries to quit smoking. You may think about it and be deterred by the overwhelming feeling that all efforts are in vain. And let us not forget the fear of those extra kilos that appear once you’d quit smoking. But just one second. Why do we gain weight when we quit smoking?

What you seek is health, for yourself and the people aroudn you, for children and friends, for your family. And to be able to socialize without a problem, to fight anxiety without the help of a cigarette, to not be disturbed if you are forced in a non-smoking area for long. So, let’s see what you can eat while making this effort. A good diet is the ultimate ally in your effort and, if you try it, you will become a fan of it forever without a second thought!

A proper and balanced diet could be your greatest ally. When it comes to food there has been no scientific proof suggesting that certain ingredients can diminish ones dependence and addiction to smoking – or more specifically, to nicotine, and other addictive substances. Thankfully though, there are studies surrounding smoking that focus on food and drinks and how they affect ones desire to smoke. Meaning, which foods and drinks increase your desire to smoke and which inhibit it.

In one such study, conducted by the Medical School of Duke University, the affect of certain foods and drinks on the taste of cigarettes was examined amongst 209 smokers. They were asked to name the foods and drinks that worsen cigarette flavor. Smokers mentioned that drinking milk, water, freshly squeezed juices, and eating fruits and vegetables, negatively affected the taste of their cigarette. On the other hand, alcohol, coffee, caffeinated beverages and meat enhanced cigarette flavor.

As we can see, a good diet, rich in vegetables, fruit, cheese, milk, dairy products in general, fresh juices, plenty of water, will be our best ally during the process of quitting smoking. The benefits of consuming calcium, cheese, vegetables and fruits are many and they properly shield our body and our health and our beauty! We can try to quit smoking, follow a diet that facilitates the process, while at the same time, these healthy foods fortify and protect us.

Such a diet could include:

•    Plenty of fruits
•    Plenty of vegetables (salads)
•    Lots of water
•    Dairy products, with an emphasis on milk (calcium, feta, graviera cheese)
•    Avoid consuming alcoholic drinks or beverages with caffeine, such as coffee, black tea, chocolate and soda.

A diet with lots of water, plenty of fruits and veggies, not only does not go with smoking, but also protects and promotes the natural detoxification of our body, something that is much needed!

Let us be healthier!

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