30 MAY, 2013

Make a salad your main course

For most people salad is an accompanying dish to the main course, even so, with some nutritional adjustments it could easily be the ideal main course. A salad rich with ingredients could itself be ones dinner, which would be lighter and lower in calories than lunch.

In order for salad to function as a main course it should consist of, in addition to greens and vegetables, a source of fat (for example, olive oil, mustard, cheese), a source of protein (for example, chicken, tuna, turkey) and of course an additional source of starch (for example, croutons, bread, rusk or corn). It is best to use seasonal vegetables (tomatoes, lettuce, cabbage etc), either raw or boiled. The suggested source of fat, for a healthy salad, is olive oil. However, a low fat mayonnaise can also be used, mustard or a yoghurt sauce. Cheese is also a fat source, which is also a good source of protein. Other good sources of protein for salad are tuna, chicken, turkey bacon, egg, seafood and salmon.

Last, ideal starch sources for a salad are couscous, croutons, corn, toast, breadsticks, barley rusks and bread.
Make salads a regular meal and a way of life!

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