Horio by Minerva began delivering products produced on Greek soil in 1982. Since then, we have never stopped aiming for products defined by their top quality and unparalleled nutritional value.

To us, Horio means tradition, closeness to nature, it encompasses the secret of the village carried throughout the years; these are all values that reinforce the ideals of authentic, Greek tradition in quality products.

We are all committed to Horio’s products – from the producer of organic products, to the olive oil producer and the livestock breeder, to the men and women in our factories and the scientists working in research and development – all of us, who together, make up the Horio family are committed to these values.

Our love for quality, together with our passion to bring back products’ purity as a value, has lead us to building our family piece by piece, attending to and showing respect to both man and his environment.

In order to offer every family and to meet every individual’s nutritional needs with the purest, most traditional quality product; Horio welcomes you home.