Horio stands by the society


Values rooted in time, such as tradition, love for purity and authenticity, solidarity, the Greek countryside, the flora and fauna of our country, raw material produced with hours of labor, love and, above all, respect for nature’s processes – these are the foundations of Horio.

The values of respect and purity are what Minerva wishes to highlight and thus, stands by the side of healthy eating. A healthy diet is fundamental for the overall health of our organism. Our ecosystem facilitates healthy eating, since raw materials and products of the renowned Mediterranean diet fall into that category.

Minerva – going on more than 100 years of activity – is fully aware of its responsibility as a company and is committed to Greek families and society. Our company stands by our producers throughout Greece and supports their choice of organic production, which increases the environment’s benefits, as it allows the earth to breathe and product the purest, quality product it can, while simultaneously helping domestic communities’ economies.

Olive oil and olive trees are deeply intertwined with Greek tradition. In this context, Minerva participates in children’s education by organizing field trips to the factories, so that they may get in contact with the production process that the Greek earth’s raw materials go through.

Looking towards the future, Horio by Minerva focuses on sustainability and the practice of sustainable development, in order to guarantee nature’s and olive groves’ longevity. This way, we can ensure that people of the Greek village, will be able to continue producing in the future, for their families, but for every Greek family, as well.