The aromas of the Greek countryside, traditional images of warmth and serenity, enveloped by unadulterated nature; this is the typical Greek village, one that provides shelter to modern man, built of quality and nutrition.

Horio, introduced by Minerva, through repetitive quality control research on foods has managed to bring the finest, purest Greek products to our table. By combining the experience of local producers with the purity of olive trees, the aromas of herbs, Greek fauna and flora, and by following traditional recipes, Horio offers a truly nutritional diet to the modern-day consumer.

Carefully selected raw materials provide all their nutritional ingredients and aromas to our final product, assuring undeniable high levels of quality. Thus, coupled with the modern quality controls taking place on the production site, as well as on our factories, we honor our consumer for trusting us in matters of security, certainty and quality.

Given that modern living is defined by its fast-pace, at Horio, we tend to each product separately, so that it never leaves the stage of production in haste. We give our products all the time they need, our specialists caring for the products’ specific characteristics, in order for our palate to be met with the best result possible.

Since quality does not only pertain to the final product, but also stems from the environment in which the raw materials were grown, at Horio, we have initiated an effort on applying sustainable methods of production to olive oil. Olive oil is only the first phase; other products will later follow as well. The more our producers apply good agricultural practices, the more we save on environmental resources, local communities maintain their riches, and Greek fauna and flora remain balanced – the most important source that provides us with the stable quality diet are the animals and plants of local ecosystems.

Horio, with certificates in quality and long-time experience and an in-depth knowledge of modern life and our daily routines, introduces a variety of the most precious, pure, tasty and authentic Greek products to our diet, which revive both body and soul.