20 DECEMBER, 2016

How to make the perfect risotto

Risotto can be a wonderful companion or even highlight our best moments – dinner for two, table for one, an evening with friends.

The secrets for the perfect risotto – mushroom risotto, with vegetables, simple risotto- have all been gathered form Horio’s cooks. Stick to the suggested steps and you will always have the best risotto in flavor and appearance!

What you will need is the finest freshest ingredients – fresh vegetables, seafood, chicken, tuna – according to the recipe you wish to make. And, of course, Horio olive oil, butter and Horio graviera cheese!

The right rice

Appropriate risotto rice is Arborio, carnaroli or vialone nano.

Choosing stock

Vegetable stock is an ideal choice for any type of risotto, but you can always choose accordingly, meaning seafood stock for seafood risotto, chicken stock for chicken risotto, etc.

Olive oil and butter

Start with olive oil to sauté onions. Then, add rice and sauté until translucent, being careful not to burn it.
Butter is added in the final step, along with the cheese.


After sautéing rice for a few minutes, deglaze with white wine. Feel free to try new things here – red wine or sparkling wine.

Cooking rice

Stock is the key to a perfectly thick risotto. Add stock little by little and cover the rice. Warm stock before adding it to the cooking rice.


Be careful not to stir too often, because rice will become too mushy. If risotto is too thick, add some warm stock.

Finishing with butter and cheese

A perfect risotto needs approximately 15 minutes to be made. Remove from heat and leave it to rest for a few minutes. Then, add Horio butter and grated parmesan or Horio grated Long Maturation graviera cheese.


At the final step, when butter and cheese are added, you can give a creamy texture to your risotto by adding warm stock to your liking.
For every 500 gr rice, use 100-150 gr butter and 100-150 gr cheese.

Recipes for risotto

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