Stuffed Turkey

Stuffed Turkey



Prepare the stuffing

  1. Heat Horio Soft with Cow Butter and Horio olive oil in a pot
  2. As soon as they are heated, add olive and sauté until it is transparent
  3. Add the ground beef and the ground pork until it has separated and mixed in well with the onion
  4. Pour wine and allow a slow boil
  5. Add the raisins, spices, sugar and salt
  6. Mix well and add the rice
  7. Allow for the liquid to boil for 5 minutes without covering the pot and add the chestnuts and the pine nuts. Then add the dill and stir (Remember that the stuffing should not be dry but neither overly wet)
  8. Stuff the turkey and sow the opening with a thick needle and twine so that it does not spill; if you do not have these culinary tools, you can obstruct the opening with an orange after you have boiled it for five minutes

Prepare the turkey rub

  1. Heat butter in a small pot until it has melted
  2. Empty it into a bowl and add the honey, red wine, pepper and paprika
  3. Beat well with a fork and run the turkey all over
  4. Place the pan in the oven and cover the turkey with aluminum foil so it does not overcook
  5. Cook for 2 ½ hours and every now and reapply the turkey rub; you must not move or poke the turkey with a fork so that it does not dry out
  6. Remove the aluminum foil and continue to cook for another hour
  7. At the end, puncture the turkey breast with a knife so you can make sure that it has been cooked well
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    Stuffed Turkey is the classic Christmas meal, with a delicious stuffing, which will serve as the centerpiece of the festive dinner.
    Before beginning, season the turkey with salt and pepper, inside its belly and its skin.
    Ingredients for a 2 ½ – 3 kg turkey

    For the stuffing

    350 gr ground beef 350 gr ground pork 1 large onion, completely blended in the mixer 2 cups white wine 60 gr Horio Soft with Cow Butter 2 tbsp Horio PDO Kalamata olive oil 1 cup roasted pine nuts 2 tbsp black raisins (pitless) 1 cup parboiled rice 24 cleaned chestnuts 3 tbsp chopped dill ½ tsp grated cinnamon ½ tsp ground allspice 1 tsp sweet paprika 1 tbsp sugar Salt, fresh ground pepper

    For the turkey rub

    1 cup Horio Soft with Cow Butter 1 cup honey 1 cup red wine Pepper Sweet paprika
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