Red pepper: the secret weapon to health

It is famous and, in Greece, one of our favorites: pepper is one of the basic ingredients used in Greek gastronomy, as it constitutes the basis for many popular Greek traditional dishes such as stuffed vegetables, Greek salad, various sauces etc. Regarding where in Greece one may find it, whether in the countryside or the city, the answer is ‘everywhere’,   – a fact reinforced by the different pepper varieties, which are often differentiated by there place of origin, the most famous of which are Magnesia, Florina and Koufalia peppers.

The red pepper though has secretes that many are unaware of or if they are, do not recognize the significance: red peppers are a great source for a plethora of vitamins important to our health, such as: Vitamin C that helps strengthen the immune system and protects our cells from aging; Vitamin A that protects our bones’ and eyes’ health; Vitamin B6 that contributes to the formation of amino acids and metabolic processes, as well as, important antioxidants, such as lycopene. Red pepper’s benefits do not stop here though. As a powerful preventative weapon against various types of cancer, lycopene combined with Vitamin B6, constitutes an excellent shield for the vessels of our body, with the former protecting the vessel walls and the latter preventing the appearance of atherosclerosis.

Furthermore, one of the most significant benefits of red peppers is that they protect our vision from several disorders, as well as, the degeneration that age may cause them. This protection is due to the presence of Vitamin A, but the most important substances are when it comes to red peppers’ vision protection are lutein and zeaxanthin.

So, no matter where we are, either in the countryside or in the city, it is easy to find red peppers and add them to our daily menu in several ways. Greek cuisine has many dishes that allow us to experience the flavor of red peppers and we also have several health benefits to gain as well! Bon appétit!

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