Organic production


Aware of healthy eating benefits, Horio brings its premium quality and of nutritional value products to our daily menu.

Organic production is solely based on natural processes, excluding any process that is composed of chemicals or interferes with plants’ normal growth. The same applies to organic stockbreeding; animals are fed exclusively non-chemical, all-natural flora and enjoy free-range living.

It is no accident that in order to cultivate organic produce, the earth must first rest for a minimum of three years before being sowed. This is how organic olive oil is produced, without the use of chemicals or interference to nature’s procedure. Cattle, on the other hand, produces milk of the best quality, since it enjoys its freedom in the Greek countryside, which is rich in flavors and aromas.

At Horio, following organic farming legislation, we support the local economy and preserve tradition, working closely with the top producers of organic products.

Horio preserves the balance of the ecosystem and the needs of modern man, while simultaneously bringing to us the purest, most natural, chemical-free and hormone-free products from the Greek culinary pantry.