A few words from our organic producers


Horio has traveled throughout Greece and has discovered the best organic producers, in order to verify the way the organic products are made, which must be of the highest quality possible. The main element of organic farming is the prohibition of use of unhealthy substances, such as chemicals, fertilizers, pesticides and hormones. None of these substances are used on the animals and plants from which our raw materials come, thus ensuring their purity.

Our producers, with respect for the traditions of the Greek village, use pure, raw material and care for each animal and its surroundings, love the Greek countryside, provide us with the most natural, ecological and organic products.

Horio stands by its producers as they unburden the soil and take care of their animals, while our products follow the road to maturity through a pure and natural way, so that in the end, they may provide us with exceptional organic olive oils and naturally organic cheeses.

Let’s hear what our organic producers have to say about this:

“Our livestock needs its freedom, just like we do. In organic ranching, we have to respect that, since this is the way to produce rich and delicious organic feta and organic graviera.”

Panayotis Kosmas
Organic milk producer

“Organic milk means that animals are fed exclusively with organic food. This alone gives you the right to call your cheese an organic one.”

Christos Georgas
Organic milk producer

“I’ve been watching the sun rise and set for three years, waiting for the earth to be cleansed – to have the right to produce organic extra virgin olive oil.”

Mary Toutouli
Producer of organic olive oil