31 OCTOBER, 2016

Tips for proper frying

The pan is our strongest ally in the kitchen! A good pan can last years and prepare the most delicious sauces, meats, eggs, fish, vegetables and so much more.

We will use our pan whenever we need to sauté, boil, mix the homemade tomato sauce with pasta, fry fillets before putting them in the oven, prepare a healthy meal with fresh vegetables and chicken.

Let’s equip our kitchen with good quality cookware and start our culinary adventure.

Follow these tips for the best frying and protect the longevity of your pan:

  • Choose a high quality frying pan
  • Cook over medium heat and heat the oil gradually
  • Fry different foods at different olive oil and don’t use the same one several times
  • For delicious juicy steaks, make sure that meat stays long enough from one side in order to brown. Lift slightly – if it comes off easily, turn
  • When cooking sauces or sautéing, use wood or plastic kitchen utensils to avoid scratching the pan
  • Omelettes, crepes and thinly sliced food is deliciously cooked in nonstick pans
  • Stainless steel pans are ideal for any type of cooking
  • Clean pan by soaking it in hot water and then using the soft surface of the sponge


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