16 MAY, 2013 How to teach your children to eat fruit, vegetables, fish and legumes

Are you at a loss when your child refuses to eat fruits? Or when he does not even want vegetables on his plates? Or when the smell and sight...

19 APRIL, 2013 Children develop properly with margarine’s vitamines A and D

Children develop properly with margarine’s vitamines A and D

15 APRIL, 2013 What do our children eat at school and at home?

Our children’s diet should be of great concern to us. Their food intake has as much to do with their healthy as it does with their proper de...

11 APRIL, 2013 Our children deserve organic products

Our children deserve organic products, without chemical fertilizers and pesticides, with all of the nutrients intact.

11 APRIL, 2013 Why we should incorporate organic food into our children’s diet

Products cultivated through organic farming develop in a natural way, free of hormones, synthetic fertilizers, synthetic vitamins and synthe...

27 MARCH, 2013 Breakfast and the important role it plays in our children’s lives

It is the first meal of the day and its absence is reflected in our morning, but not only, energy levels. If breakfast is merely important f...