1 JULY, 2020 Fruit and Vegetables of the month: July

July has arrived and brings with it fresh and mouth-watering fruit and vegetables; Perfect to quench our thirst during the summer months.

9 MARCH, 2016 Fresh from the village: Artichokes

This time our grocery basket is filled with artichokes!

9 DECEMBER, 2015 Fresh from the village: Mushrooms

Portobello, pleurotus, truffle, porcini. Which one is your favorite mushroom?

18 NOVEMBER, 2015 Fresh from the village: Potatoes

Our beloved potatoes – they give us taste, along with all the necessary ingredients.

19 OCTOBER, 2015 Fresh from the village: Broccoli

Put it in a salad, boil it, steam it, bake it – either way, broccoli will only add to our general health and well being!

17 SEPTEMBER, 2015 Fresh from the village: Spinach

Spinach! Deep green leaves reach our kitchen fresh from rural Greece and stars in a series of mood and health enhancing recipes.

29 AUGUST, 2015 Tips for perfectly baked vegetables

Roasted vegetables can add to every one of our meals – they can be served as aperitif, they can accompany meat, fish, they can add to our ta...

1 AUGUST, 2014 Fruit and Vegetables of the month: August

What can be said about our favorite vacation month? Our best childhood (and adult) memories floating with the August meltemi (summer breeze)...