11 NOVEMBER, 2013

The Horio by MINERVA products participate in AB Vassilopoulos’s initiative: 52 Weeks

Understanding consumers’ needs and wanting to actively stand by them MINERVA participates in AB Vassilopoulos’s ‘52 Weeks – 52 Actions of Care across Greece.’ This action aims to support our fellowmen nationwide.

Consumers also become a part of the nationwide chain of optimism, since a portion of the sales’ proceeds will be given to food drives and support of fellow man. The Horio products by MINERVA that are participating in the action can be recognized by the accompanying signage. When consumers add products with the characteristic ‘solidarity product’ sign into their shopping carts they add joy and hope to the already multiplying chain of optimism that has been spread through the whole of Greece.

Every week the action changes location within Greece, thus growing the chain of solidarity, as well as, the smiles on the faces of the those who are in need of sustinance, and finally, the smiles of those who are offering their help by purchasing the specially marked Horio by MINERVA products.

The Horio by MINERVA products that are participating in the action are the following:  


  • Horio Feta Cheese (Vacuum packages and 400gr tub)
  • Horio Graviera Cheese (Vacuum pack, 300gr)

Olive Oil:

  • Horio Sustainable (1L, 2L bottles)
  • Horio Mountain Region (1L, 2L bottles)
  • Horio Koroneiki Variety ((1L bottles)
  • Horio Classic(1L, 2L bottles)


  • Horio Soft Light Butter (250gr package)
  • Horio Soft Unsalted with Cow Butter (250gr package)
  • Horio Soft Salted with Cow Butter (250gr package)

The action moves every week, aiming to spread hope in every corner of our country. Participating Horio by MINERVA products are available to consumers on the shelves of all AB Vassilopoulos stores – the “solidarity products” will function as a reference point for all of us in an effort to provide help and support to our fellow man.

MINERVA is the only food company participating in this action, which makes the company even more aware of the promise made towards consumers for safety, quality, giving and solidarity for all society.

Today each one of us, as well as, all of us together, can become a link in the chain of solidarity that has been created throughout Greece for the protection, support and help of our fellowmen who are in need.

Let us become a human chain of joy and hope!

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