9 DECEMBER, 2008

The Minerva “horio” is growing… organically

The brand that brings us close to the values of the Greek village and Greek traditional diet enriches its product range.

A new category of organic products comes to supplement the already known and beloved family of “horio” products. The base of the new products, one of which is unique in the Greek market, is one of the most important fruits for the human diet… the olive…

  • New organic extra virgin olive oil “horio”
  • New organic Kalamata olives “horio”
  • New organic Kalamata olive paste “horio”
  • New organic “horio” soft, made with organic extra virgin olive oil. Unique in the Greek market!

The new organic products “horio” are certified by official Greek and European institutions. Respecting nature and man, “horio” brings the gifts of the Greek countryside to our table.Organic products Horio… the only thing added is the care of Greek farmers… That’s what organic is. Horio.

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