12 DECEMBER, 2008

The Minerva “horio” is growing

The brand that brings us close to the values of the Greek village and traditional Greek diet, enriches is product range.
A new category, of fresh Greek butter made from pure milk comes to supplement the already known and beloved family of “horio” products:

  • New cow’s milk butter “horio”. Butter from 100% cow’s milk that captures the authentic Greek taste, suitable for every use!
  • New KERKYRA butter “horio”. Made according to the authentic recipe, Kerkyra butter is famous for its particular taste. Used on bread, in pastries and in cooking for lovers of traditional taste!
  • New “horio” soft with cow’s milk butter. Spreads on bread easily, even right out of the fridge!
  • New melted milk butter “horio”. For those who don’t settle for less in the cooking and pastry creations!

These are the new natural, traditional butter products from 100% pure milk that come to remind us what true butter is. Horio.

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