15 APRIL, 2015

The perfect caramelized onions

How many times have we seen in a recipe “caramelized onions” and have wondered what technique gives the best outcome?

We have prepared some tips and steps so that caramelizing onions becomes second nature and so that our recipes have even more flavor and home-cooks, even more knowledge!

Let’s see what simple steps we need to follow for caramelizing onions and then incorporate them on delicious recipes!

Ingredients we will need

  • Onions (as many as we want)
  • Horio Olive Oil
  • Horio Butter (optional)
  • Salt (optional)
  • Sugar (Optional)
  • For the end, depending on our dish, we select: wine, beer, Vinegar Top, Balsamic Vinegar Top, stock

Do not slice too thin

If we slice our onions into too thin a slice, we risk having them stick to our pan. It is preferable to slice them into fairly thick slices, so that they do not dry out.

Butter and Olive Oil

We use butter for the caramelizing of onions, but in modesty: butter has a tendency to “burn.” In order to caramelize onions properly, meaning they are soft and not fried, we mix butter with olive oil, which is not as easily burnt. We can also only use olive oil if we’d prefer.

The more onions, the slower the process

If we place many onions in our frying pan, they will begin to fume, which will slow the caramelizing process. A 30cm diameter pan can fit 2 large onions.

Low heat

Proper onion caramelization lasts approximately one hour (45+ minutes.) It is necessary for the heat to remain low for the entire time so that the onions can exude all of their aroma. It is best for onions to be added after the pan has been heated and not during the heating process.

Flavor on the bottom of the pan

The onions that have stuck to the bottom of the pan are also very tasty! Depending on the dish we are preparing, we can “unstick” the onions using wine, beer or Regular or Balsamic Vinegar Top, or stock.

They are ready when dark brown

Our onions are properly caramelized when they have a dark brown color, not light brown or “blonde.” Soft, delicious, ready for our recipe!

Caramelized onions are stored in the refrigerator in an air-tight utensil.


  • When the onions start to stick to the pan, we leave them on the heat until brown.
  • We do not frequently stir, because they will not caramelize (they will merely turn into a light brown color).
  • Before removing them from the pan, we lightly salt them or, optionally, pour some sugar on top of them.

Recipes that pair well with caramelized onions



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