27 MARCH, 2013

Welcome to Horio… welcome home!

We would like to welcome you Horio’s renewed website. A place that hopes to transport us to… our horio (village): to the purest raw materials, home cooked meals, Greek tradition, nature and its products, authentic flavors and aromas. Where we will be consulted on how to eat right in order to maintain our health and beauty, we will be given simple and economical ideas for home-ec, inspired by the practical wisdom of the people from the village. All the while, tasty recipes from all over Greece will be «cooked up» for us on daily basis.

We will also be learning about sustainability and why it matters; Meaning, how we can product our products and also manage to ensure our environmental resources for the generations to come. In the meantime, all of our enquiries regarding organic products and organic farming will be answered.

Horio welcomes us home. To our roots. To Greek nature. To authentic flavors. To values and traditions. To the harmonic coexistence of man and nature. And it offers us what we are truly in need of: good food.

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