11 APRIL, 2013

Why we should incorporate organic food into our children’s diet

Products cultivated through organic farming develop in a natural way, free of hormones, synthetic fertilizers, synthetic vitamins and synthetic antibiotics, and because of this, they acquire superior nutritional value, which is of great importance, especially to children.

The main advantages of organic products:

  • They are especially safe, since they are controlled as a whole from before they arrive to the consumer
  • They do not contain harmful, for health or the environment, chemical substances, such as herbicides, insecticides, fungicides and chemical fertilizers
  • They contain more vitamins and nutrients as compared to products grown with conventional methods and thus, organic produce has lower water content, which results in higher nutrient concentration in the edible parts of the plants.
  • They are less processed and therefore purer. For example, irradiation and other such processes are not allowed in organic farming
  • They do not contain genetically modified ingredients; Organic farming does not allow ingredients from genetically modified organisms.
  • They have fewer additives; Many additives which are harmful to one’s health may not be used while growing organic products
  • They have fewer antibiotics (food of animal origin.) Organic livestock develops under conditions designed to maximize the animals’ health and welfare, by maintaining high quality and balanced diet, as well as, an environment that meets their needs.

Make providing an organic breakfast to your children a high priority

Studies show that the consumption of a healthy breakfast decreases the risk of heart attack, stroke, and diabetes, while simultaneously facilitating weight loss. We also know that children, who skip breakfast exhibit energy loss, tend to be more irritable, get tired easily, sulk and sometimes fail to perform at school. Organic products are the best choice for your children’s diet.

Some suggestions for your child’s organic breakfast:

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